Greece Gulet Charter - Recommended gulets

Greece Gulet Charter

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 7 days

There is a very limited number of gulets you can charter in Greece from Athens and they are mostly found in the deluxe section with prices starting at €15,000 per week or more. As Bodrum and Marmaris are very close to Greek islands (Dodecanese) we mostly use gulets from Turkey to cruise Greek islands.

The best Greece gulet charter itinerary is because of the fact you can cruise two countries in one holiday a combination of Turkey & Greece Islands Rhodes, Kos, Symi, Nisiros and many more.

Our advice:

Simply send us inquiry and tell us about your desired dates, wishes and approximate budget range and we will send you the best options via email direct to your inbox.

Day 1
Start Greece charter in Turkey

Start your Greece gulet charter in Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek or Fethiye and set sail to Greek islands. This will save you a lot of money and will provide you with extra experience.

Day 2
Meet the Sea and Bays

There are an unlimited number of bays to visit around the Dodecanese islands. The sea is crystal clear and very good for snorkeling.  

Day 3
Local Food at its Best

Gyros, fresh fish, tzatziki, souflaki and all sorts of fresh meat. Greek food is amazing and you can experience it in best possible way – on a gulet.

Day 4
Island Hopping

Rhodes, Kos, Symi, Nisiros, Tilos, Naxos, Paros…just a few of the Dodecanese islands you can visit with your gulet. Different day brings a different island. 

Day 6
Turkey & Greece Combination

In a single week you can have the very best of two countries. Try out first hand what the real difference is between gyros and kebab or Raki and Ouzo.  

Day 6
Things to do in Greece

Water sports. great night-life, historical events, shopping, eating out, wine tasting, city tours, diving, snorkeling, hiking, biking… there are plenty of options – all you have to do is plan properly. 

Day 7
Greece Gulet Specialty

The best thing when it comes to a Greece gulet charter is to cruise during the day – and explore the islands you visit by foot. There are also land trips available to several historical sites.  

Greece Gulet Charter recommended ships
Gulets No. of cabins May June July August September October
Eleftheria 3 cabins €7,500 €7,500 €8,400 €8,400  €7,500  €7,500
Aegean Schatz 5 cabins €21,000 €21,000 €24,500 €24,500  €21,000  €17,500
Anatolie 5 cabins €10,900 €12,900 €13,900 €15,500  €12,900 €10,900
Arktos 5 cabins €29,750 €33,250 €38,150 €38,150  €33,250  €29,750
Liana 5 cabins €30,100 €30,100 €30,100 €30,100 €30,100 €30,100
Iraklis L 6 cabins €52,500 €52,500 €52,500 €52,500  €52,500 €52,500
Syrolana 6 cabins €15,750 €16,750 €17,750 €19,750  €16,750  €15,750
Sir Winston Churchill 6 cabins €31,500 €31,500 €39,900 €39,900  €31,500 €31,500
Valerie 6 cabins €10,100 €10,800 €11,500 €11,500  €10,800 €10,100
Erato 7 cabins €28,000 €28,000 €28,000 €28,000  €28,000 €28,000
Matina*1 8 cabins €37,800 €37,800 €37,800 €37,800  €37,800 €37,800
Matina*2 8 cabins €44,500 €44,500 €44,500 €44,500  €44,500 €44,500

*1 – up to 12 passengers

*2 – from 13 – 20 passengers



 Prices are in euros and are based on per person per week.Read carefully what is and what is not included in the charter prices there are no hidden costs!Price includes:
· Crew services and fuel, charter & berth tax, harbour & port procedures.
. Transit log, mooring expenses, bed linen and bath towels, use of equipment on board
· 5 0’clock tea & coffee services, cookies
· Welcome cocktail
·Yacht insurance (we advise you to take out your own individual travel insurance)Price does not include:
· Food options (you can choose different menu options) and beverages
· Transfers from gulet to airport and back
· Harbour taxes, custom fees and fuel in foreign (Greek) waters.Have to know information:
There will be a port taxes for Greek islands, as well as custom taxes and fuel are considered to be extra payment. All together this comes approx. 1,000 to 1,500 euros!Food & bevarages:
Full board luxury menu from 245 to 315 euro per person per week. VIP menu is from 350 to 490  euro per person per week (final price depends on the gulet).
Beverages are available at the bar on board, however you may also stock your own beverages before your departure.Notes:
a) Fishing, water sports, and scuba diving is limited to specific spots and strictly under control by coast guard within Turkish & Greek waters under the law and may be completely or partially suspended at the time of the cruise which is unforeseen. Scuba diving is prohibited unless attended by a professional, certified Turkish or Greek diving guide.
b) A yacht may undergo refitting which always aims improvement before the new season this may lead to minor or major changes in facilities, hull/exterior color, furniture, etc. being under the yacht owner’s initiative.IMPORTANT: There are very rare Turkish gulets (with more than 6 cabins and can cruise in Greece with more than 12 persons on board). Some of them are Osman Kurt, Hemera, Hera and B&B. These ships have a special licence/paper called ISM. This licence allows Turkish gulets to have more than 12 persons on board in Greek waters!