Gulet cruises can offer the most luxurious, relaxing and entertaining holiday. You’re almost guaranteed to try a gulet cruise again after your first experience! Your first gulet cruise may be a little different to your usual holiday, but by avoiding these three common mistakes when renting a gulet, you’re sure to come home satisfied and ready to book your second cruise!


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Gulet cruises depend on where you cruise, what to do when you visit bays and towns, and organizing your itinerary. All this planning and organizing can stress you out, causing you to become overburdened and a sure way for you to not enjoy your cruise.


#1 Packing your itinerary to the brim



If you do too much in too little time, you will actually end up missing out on a great holiday. Croatia alone boasts more than 1,000 islands, so pick out ones that interest you the most – it may be difficult to select just a few, but it will be worth it!
It’s also beneficial to chat to the owner of your gulet about what places to see and what to do there as more than likely they will have visited every town, place and bay across Greece, Turkey or Croatia.


#2 Skimping out on food

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Many people make the mistake of booking a high-end vessel or charter and lowering the cost of food to fit their budget – you should do the opposite! It’s much better to book out a lower-costing vessel and pay higher for the food, because this will make your holiday really special, particularly if you book full-board and so will be eating on board 3 times a day.
Gulets serve some of the most amazing dishes, so it’s worth it to upgrade.

#3 Booking the wrong type of gulet

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Most people tend to make their booking decisions on the age of the gulet and how large the cabins are. But what makes a great gulet are the crew and the food, so you should think about these, and how experienced the chef is, when booking your cruise.

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So how can you avoid these common mistakes?
Easy – just determine your budget, what you want to see and do and send them to us in an inquiry form – we’ll get back to you with your options, and you won’t be disappointed!

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