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Gulet Cruises are a perfect combination of

a) Incredibly interesting product – check out this photo galleries – who would not want to try this out?



Cruises are becoming more and more popular in the World however gulets are still not as famous as they should be.

So if you jump into this wagon NOW in a couple of years you could already be one of the Worlds leaders in promoting this product.

And as a World Leader in this section not only will you earn god commission, but also lots of gulet cruise inspections and workshops will be a “must have”.


Here is our team “inspecting gulets”

(Goolets team checking out gulet Malena)

Goolets Team

Company owners (Alenka and Mitja) ona gulet in Dubrovnik

Goolets Managers


If you like gulet cruise inspections as much as we do –it will be a fun project for you to be a part off.

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