At Goolets we offer gulet cruises to three main destinations, Turkey, Croatia and Greece. We also offer exclusive Croatian cruise packages that include travel to Montenegro, Italy, the Maldives and the Seychelles, and Spain. Please contact us for more details about our other cruise destinations.


One of many incredible Turkey bays

The best places to visit in Turkey are Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek and Fethiye. Turkey is best known for its luxury cruises and there are many options to choose from. With over 500 gulets, Turkey is also cheaper than Croatia and Greece, and there is the added option of visiting Greek Islands on a Turkish cruise, offering two countries to visit.


Gulets in Croatia

Croatia is a great destination to cruise, with around 60 gulets, this beautiful country has over 1,200 islands and standards improve each year. Croatia also has some of the most beautiful towns and scenery and offers something for everyone.


Greece Highlights

Greece has some amazing islands to visit and has the option of cruising to Greece whilst on a Turkish cruise. Greek cruises can be a bit more expensive than your average gulet price, but is well worth it to visit this beautiful place.



Italy is quickly becoming a more popular tourist destination and has a small fleet of gullets of around 10 – 15. Sicily and the Sardegna areas are truly wonderful to visit and Italy has some of the richest culture in all of the Mediterranean.



The Maldives are perfect for divers and has some of the most fantastical scenery. Gulets are limited but are not expensive in the Maldives which is great for large groups and adventurous tourists looking for a little piece of heaven.

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