There are two unique reasons to follow the below program:

1 – Biking Cruises are quite rare in Croatia, considered to be a nature cruise more than any other type of cruise.

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2 – Biking cruises are usually on smaller vessels and are the perfect type of cruise for those who prefer quieter cruises without crowds.

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Biking Cruise Croatia – things to do and see


The cruise begins each Saturday in the late afternoon from the town of Zadar, which is a truly beautiful place located just 60 minutes’ drive from Split airport. There is an overnight stay on the gulet on island Ugljan in Kukljica.

Kukljica is a nice, relaxing town that will bring you great comfort and wellbeing after a long trip to Croatia. An overnight stay here is the perfect way to revitalise and re-energise for the next day.

Sunday – Muline Biking Tour


Ugljan is a relatively flat and has easy-to-ride terrain. There are plenty of scenic areas to travel to and sight-see.

Total travel to Muline is around 20 to 25 km.

Monday – cruise to island Molat


You will not be expected to cycle any longer than 20 km on Monday, arriving at Molat before midday, just in time for a refreshing swim.

After Molat the cruise continues on to the beautiful island of Silba.

You can explore this peaceful and relaxing island by foot – there are no cars allowed on this island! There is an overnight stay at Silba.

Tuesday – cruise to Veli Losinj, with a cycle trip to Cres


Losinj is an amazing place, cruising around to Pogana means seeing around 45 km of beautiful scenery!

There will be an overnight stay in Pogana or Lopar on island Rab (weather considering).

Wednesday – bike ride to Rab

Island Rab

A 35km ride, it isn’t easy for some – but trust us when we say the effort is worth it! There is a rewarding meal and overnight stay at the end of the bike ride.

Thursday – cruise to Lun on island Pag


Thursday’s are a little different as the captain will decide which place to bike to.

Usually, the choice is between cycling 60 km to Novalja on island Pag, or 40 km to Povljana.

The captain may continue on to Privlaka (a town near Zadar) where there will be an overnight stay.

Friday – cycle to Zadar through Nin


A 35 km bike ride, arriving at around 3pm with an overnight stay in Zadar.

Bikes will be on board the gulet on the last day and cycling is not necessary if it is your choice to stay on your own two feet!
As well as cycling, you can also experience some amazing nature and scenery:

The program above is experienced on gulet Prvi Odisej, which has two options with the program:
1. Rent one or two cabins and experience your cruise with other people on board.

2. Or, if you have a large group, you can rent the entire gulet! (Between 8 and 12 people).

Just the gulet on its own and the services and amenities you receive on board are wonderful. With an amazing, hard-working crew and air conditioning in all cabins, you can experience a biking cruise in luxury and comfort.
Prices range from 750 – 850 euros per person per week. Prices include your bike, half board meals and a guide to help you navigate the various towns and islands.

If you want to learn more about biking cruises in Croatia, please visit this webpage.
If you like what this program has to offer, but you prefer a cruise with a little more luxury, get in touch and we will be more than happy to find something to suit your needs.
Biking in Croatia is fast becoming popular. This program allows you to get away from the crowds and experience nature and scenery in a unique way.
If you would like to know more or to book, contact us and we will be happy to help.