We asked the owners of deluxe cruises from Croatia, Turkey and Greece what some of the most surprising, funny and bizarre requests they received from their VIP clients.

These are the top 7 most outrageous requests that would put even Lady Gaga to shame.

7. Sparkling Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi by night

One client insisted the Jacuzzi on board a gulet be filled entirely with champagne! The crew obliged by filling the tub with Moët, and they received some nice tips at the end of the cruise.

6. Tough decision? Choose all 3!

Luxury Bar

A client couldn’t decide to go with a modern, classic or ‘special’ gulet – so to make things easier he booked all 3! Once in Turkey, he chose which gulet he liked best and left the other two in the harbour.

5. Hanging out with a donkey




One client wanted to see a donkey, but this is a lot easier said than done! The crew searched in dozens of locations for a glimpse of a donkey, and they eventually managed it – with surprising reactions from guests! (Can you imagine why?)

4. Cruising is thirsty work…


One client rented two gulets. Nothing special, right? Only one was for him…the other was to carry his drinks!

3. What kind of person do you think I am?!

Hummer luxe

One client ordered a car to transfer him to Antalya to Bodrum. The car, a luxurious Hummer, had everybody in awe – expect the client. He insisted on a Lamborghini, and after the driver stated it would be impossible to drive the Antalya terrain in one, he angrily left all his luggage behind in Bodrum – which was promptly sent to him via deluxe transfer!

2. Rolling out the red carpet

red carpet

A husband and wife were on a gulet in Marmaris when they had a fight and she stormed off into her cabin.
To apologize, the husband and crew got together and made an Oscar-like red carpet running a whole 50 metres from the gulet to a restaurant. Tourists had started to gather, assuming a top celebrity was about to disembark.
The husband and wife came out onto the carpet and everyone began clapping – she forgave her husband!
The true mystery of this story is that the wife managed to change, put on make-up and make her hair nice all in under 15 minutes!

1. Only peasants use toilets!


The top most outrageous diva demand from a client goes to this guy. He refused to use the toilet available and instead…used his cabin’s bathroom.
He made this:

on the floor and said:
“I paid a lot of money for this gulet – that’s why I demand you clean my “sh**” off the floor.”

Needless to say, there are some requests we just simply refuse to adhere to. We politely informed him that he would have to disembark at the next port should it happen again!