When thinking of a combination of Luxury Holidays in combination with Cruises and Croatia then gulets should be something to consider.

Luxury Cruises in Croatia offer 3 options:

1) Big time cruises that can accommodate from 3.000 – 5.000 people.

2) Motor Sailors that usually carry from 25 – 45 guests on board.

3) Gulets – smaller wooden vessels that are perfect for groups of 8 – 14 guests.

HD gulet images


If you hate the masses.

If you wish to escape the crowds.

If you like hidden bays and coves only approachable by smaller ships.

Then gulets might be for you.

For additional technical informations about gulets you can read this article!

Or you can check this movie below – made by owner of gulet Linda.


It perfectly captures what Luxury Cruises in Croatia are all about.


Croatia is an amazing Country. With more then 1.200 islands it is a perfect escape from every day life.

And gulets are vessels perfect for people who like to get a bit more from their holidays.

For people with who do not have an “avarage Joe” Mentality.

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