Whether you’d like to go on a gulet cruise to Turkey, Croatia or Greece it’s important to know about the technical side as well as everything else. So in this blog post, I won’t be talking about the food, crew or prices (though these are just as important!), I’ll be talking about the technical details you need to know before heading out on your ultimate gulet cruise.

Technical detail #1 – Size

When it comes to gulets, nothing is more important than the space and size. The average sailing boat is around 10-15 metres in length – gulets range from 20 to 55 meters long!
When you’re cruising to beautiful small bays and relaxing in the ocean, you don’t want to come back on board to a cramped cabin – and gulets are the perfect size for the perfect cruise holiday.


Technical detail #2 – Cabins

And while we’re on cabins, the higher priced gulet you book, the bigger the cabin will be. However most cabins come with air conditioning, are spacious enough for luggage and sleeping and are comfortable – exactly what you need at the end of a long day of sightseeing!

Largest master cabin of all gulets

Technical detail #3 – Bathrooms

Every gulet cabin has a bathroom with its own toilet and shower. Some showers are open, whilst some have a screen for privacy. More luxury gulet cabins have bath tubs.

Each cabin has own private bathroom

Technical detail #4 – Salons

Some people book gulets based on the salon – how luxurious it looks or its amenities. However, based on experience, salons are not all that important on a gulet, as you will most likely spend your time outside.
If you are a family with small children, they may use the salon for entertainment whilst cruising to the next destination, however luxury isn’t that important for them, so I would advise against booking a gulet solely on its salon offering.

Salon no.1

Technical details #4 – The fun stuff

Water sports and equipment

If you’re after an adventurous cruise or you have teenagers in your group, you will love the equipment gulets can offer; from water skiing to canoes, most gulets have the equipment you need for an great cruise – just look for gulets that have these on board!

A lot of water-sports activities


If having a hair dryer, TV, DVD player etc. is important for your cruise, you can also ask if gulets supply these.

TV with DVD in saloon

Shaded areas

The Mediterranean sun can get very hot in the summer, so it’s nice to know you have the freedom to stay in the shade and relax. The crew can easily set up the deck for you, so whether you want to bathe in the sun or stay away from the heat for a while, they will be more than happy to accommodate you.

Gulet Nostalgija deck


It’s not common for gulets to use sails more than one or two times per week, so if this is the type of holiday you are looking for, you will be disappointed if you book.

Under Sails


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