What’s the real difference between a gulet and a villa? Apart from the obvious, that one is on land while the other is on sea, we explore the differences in this blog post.



Booking a villa is quite straightforward. There are plenty of options available and website such as booking.com and villarenters.com offer a wide variety of villas to choose from. However there is not really an option available to talk to someone extensively about booking a villa – important things you’d need to know such as where the best places are to book, what activities there are in the country you decide to book, what prices are like, whether the place you booked is suitable for children – these things you’d have to source yourself.

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Good villas are very comfortable and affordable considering the space and amenities you are offered. Most villas will be situated close to local towns, beaches and shops but you should check out the local area with an agency first before booking.



With a villa you buy and cook your own food, or you can go out to eat but this obviously would quickly become expensive.

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Depending on where you book there are plenty of things to do when you book a villa and it’s great knowing you come back at the end of the day to your own private space. However transport on local buses or travelling around in a rented vehicle can become tiresome and you’d have to travel further if you wanted to see more of the place you have visited.

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Compared to a gulet, initially booking a villa is usually less expensive, however you then also need to think about travel costs and food, which you have to cook yourself or spend more money to go out to eat.
Villa holidays mean you’re limited to the country or place you have decided to book – with a gulet cruise you visit a different place every day, and there’s no need to travel to these places yourself – your crew do this for you, including serving food and cleaning.

Villas can be great compared to your standard holiday hotels, but nothing compares to your own gulet experience, visiting new towns and bays every day and being catered for throughout your holiday.