Hotels are a great way to unwind and are usually the easier option when looking to book a relaxing holiday somewhere. But how do hotels compare to gulets?

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Depending on where you book, hotels can be amazing or they can be terrible – it really depends on location and how the hotel is managed.

hotel location
With hotels you have to “reserve” your own sunbeds by the pool, usually very early in the morning, and this becomes a battle in itself when booking in busier months!

hotel pool

Popular hotels and places also mean queues for breakfast and dinner are rather long.

Depending on where you book your hotel, places to visit will usually be quite crowded with other tourists and there may be more travel involved if you want to visit more places.

With a gulet you don’t get those large crowds of tourists and it’s a great experience to jump off your gulet into the sea and to have dinner in peaceful bays and towns.
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