People often prefer to compare gulets to other boats such as sailing yachts. While sailing yachts are cheaper in price, they also sail a lot differently to gulets. For one, gulets are generally longer, so sailing on them is smoother and caters for more people.

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Cabins are usually fewer on a sailing yacht and often you may find yourself sharing a cabin with your friend – on a gulet you simply don’t have that problem – choose to spend your cruise in your own private cabin or share with your group to save money, it’s completely up to you.

As sailing on a bareboat can be quite rough there is the risk of sea sickness and the last thing you need on a cruise is to be ill the entire time sailing! Gulets reduce this risk as they are longer and offer a smoother sail, so there’s no problem of ruining your holiday by having a queasy stomach.

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Sailing yachts don’t come with a crew most of the time which means you’d have to find your own skipper (someone who can drive the yacht) if you don’t already have one in your group. You’d also need to be a part of the sailing itself, so if you don’t have those skills, sailing on a yacht could be difficult for you.

You would also have to cook your own food and clean up after yourself – like a self-catered holiday – so if this isn’t appealing to you then you would be much happier cruising on a different vessel and with a crew.

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So on to prices. Sailing yachts are cheaper, but considering the work involved and that you don’t have a crew to cook or clean for you, you can understand why booking a gulet is more expensive.

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Sailing yachts are really great for adventurous types and those looking for an active holiday who don’t mind self-catering.

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Gulets, on the other hand, are great for relaxation and for those who don’t want to worry about how the vessel is driven. Gulets are also perfect for those who simply want to have a completely peaceful and stress-free holiday where everything is taken care of including meals and cleaning up after yourself.
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