Each new day brings a completely different place. From beautiful bays to glorious beaches straight from the port.

Croatia bays
There’s no loud tourists or groups around you, just you and your friends and family in your own private gulet.

Sakarun Beach

Gulet cruises compared to sailing yacht / motor yacht

Gulets are larger than sailing and motor yachts and they also have larger and more comfortable cabins, allowing more space to relax and enjoy your holiday.
Gulets also come with expert crew members that are happy to cater to your every requirement, and best of all is they do all the hard work for you – you sail without lifting a finger!
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Gulet cruises compared to cruise liners

With a gulet it is entirely possible for you to dive straight into deep water in bays directly from your ship. The ports, towns and places you visit are also not overcrowded which means you get to experience your holiday exactly as you mean to – peaceful, adventurous, serene – whatever you want your cruise to offer you, you can do so without a swarm of people around you.
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Gulets compared to renting your own private villa


With cruising on a gulet comes visiting a new place every single day – don’t like a place you visited? That’s okay, because tomorrow brings a new town, bay or harbour. With an experience crew on board, you are also waited on hand-and-foot and taken care of in the best way possible.
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