Turkey Gulet description on Wikipedia

Gulet Turkey is a wooden sailing vessel  from the southwestern coast of Turkey built in the coastal towns of Bodrum and Marmaris. 

We would say something like this:

All gulets all have crew.

Professional crew


Turkey Gulets we offer all have cabins with own private bathrooms & toilets.


Gulet has 2 twin cabins


Turkey Gulets come in all shapes and budgets.

From huge 40 meters + vessels

deluxe gulet


Average size goes from 24 – 35 meters.


30 meters in Lenght


You also have smaller but very nice gulets that range from 17 and up to 22 meters.


19 meters in lenght


Gulets have from 4 and up to 12 cabins. The biggest number of gulets have from 5 – 8 cabins.


Each cabin has own private bathroom

We have also prepared a really nice SLIDESHARE PRESENTATION called: Turkey Gulet Definition

What is the best description of Gulet from Turkey?

Very comfortable and fun vessels where all you have to do is eat, drink, swim, have fun, see amazing places, meet new people, check new places every day, have water sports, do hiking, shopping and much much more.

Gulet Turkey: floating hotel where your room travels with you everywhere you go and the sea is always 0 meters away.

Check out this short movie to get better idea about Turkish Gulet:




How you can book one?

You have 2 options.

1 – Send 15 emails to different gulet owners and travel agencies from all over the world.

2 – Or send us an email – and we do this for you.

Our services are 100% free for you. Our commission is paid from the side of owners.

And we LOVE to help you find your dream vessels.

In this movie we explain how we do it.

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