About Goolets - Our Story via pictures

Our company story is best explained through pictures.

We hope this will give you a better idea about Goolets, who we are and what kind of experts will be helping you along the way.


Mitja and Alenka

 Company owners Alenka and Mitja

Alenka and Mitja are gulet cruise enthusiasts and have both been in the business for more than 10 years!

Goolets Team

Marketing, sales, finance, representatives and the rest of the Goolets team

Inspecting Gulets

All gulets we work with are inspected right to finest detail

turkish gulet in Croatia

  We have a very good relationship with our partners

We are owners of the world’s largest gulet cruise blog (more than 200 gulet cruise-related articles!) 

Family gulet cruise holidays

Well over 1,000 groups cruised with us on gulets in the last 10 years.

We have a very good idea how to make clients happy.

 We consider ourselves to be the biggest gulet cruise fans in the world!

That is why our main mission is to…

Chears on board

Test the food.

chating with Malena captain

Test the deck areas.

Gulet Crew

Test the gulet crew!

We know it’s a tough job – but somebody has to do it 🙂

tough job

We also like to make great Video material.

You already know what our mission is:

Great Aerial Movies like this one

Educational Movies like this one

We co-operate with more than 500 gulets in Turky, Croatia and Greece. 

You can read more about our services here: Goolets Services.

Submit your inquiry, questions, wishes or needs. We will be happy to assist you.