Goolets company came out with new booking & sales support procedure at WTM London at their stand, where they were presenting gulet cruises in Croatia.


This system enables the clients to:

1) Get the best deals for their money

2) Enjoy their holidays to the max

3) Match the program, gulet and crew according to clients group structure, age, size and “so called buyer persona”.

This news was also released on official WTM page on:

Different things matter to different groups

Being a group with small kids is completely different than having teenagers.

Being a party group or a group of active seniors is also different story.

As well as if you are a group of mixed people of all ages.

Goolety company already showed the direction to which they wish to go when they issues free guide “Stunning Gulet Cruise Tips“.

Gulet Cruise Guide

But after the WTM they will take this several steps further making entire sales procedure directed towards the clients structure and wishes.

The trends are changing.

Clients (at least when it comes to gulet cruises) do not wish to “BOOK DISCOUNTS ANYMORE“.

Now they wish to get the most for their money.


The main goal of holidays should not be to save money….

…but to get the most – FOR THE MONEY YOU ARE WILLING TO SPEND.


Detailed description on this link!


Goolets company proved that matching the right gulets and their crew with the right group – can increase customer satisfactions by as much as 57%.

If you are interested to give this “system” a try fill out the short form below, contact our sales department and they will guide you comfortably on a way to your perfect holidays.

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