If there is 1 place you should visit in your life – I would suggest you Dubrovnik in Croatia. It will not leave you disappointed.

You can visit Dubrovnik if you charter a gulet in Croatia or on one of our cabin charter Croatia tours.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should visit Dubrovnik with a gulet:

1 – Old City Wall

Just the sight of City Wall is amazing, but when you climb it and see the views – you will keep that memory for the rest of your life.

Dubrovnik - City Walls

2 – City Center

Every person should take a stroll around “Stradun” and see how Medieval town looks from the inside.

Dubrovnik City Center

3 – Tons of history + Game of Thrones.

If the town was good enough location for making of “Game of Thrones” series then it probably is something next to it.

Town is also full of churches, museums and art galleries .

Dubrovnik Town

4 – Bursting Night Life.

People whop wish to party – there are plenty of cool bars and discotheques hidden inside Dubrovnik.

For people that like fancy restaurants, great food or just enjoy sightseeing – it is also all covered.

Dubrovnik Restaurants


5 – Just and amazing place overall.

Lots of people are skeptical – that Dubrovnik is all hype and marketing.

We say – check it out and decide on your own. 95% of people get more out of this visit then they would expect.


If you would like to visit Dubrovnik with a gulet contact us and we will be glad to show you all the options.