We often get inquires with people asking what some of the best places in visit in Croatia are. The truth of it is, one week’s cruise is simply not long enough to explore all Croatia has to offer! Croatia Tourist Board says it best, but how to make the most out of your cruise in just one week?!

Jumping on bay


With over 1,244 Islands, we can guarantee that you will find something for you, but it is just not possible to visit over a thousand islands in 7 days, so which ones are the best?
People often make the mistake of doing too much on their cruise, but doing this means you rush past all the great things without really enjoying the cruise. So we’ve put together our top 5 locations to visit in Croatia (trust us, it was very hard to pick just 5!).

Island Vis

Island of Vis

Island Vis has tons of different places and things to see and do. It thrives with entertainment and beautiful scenery.

Island Hvar

Island Hvar

One of the most beautiful islands, Island Hvar is rated the top 10 islands to visit in Croatia.

Island Korcula


Known as a smaller version of Dubrovnik, this little tourist destination is a must-see for a beautiful bay and restaurants.

Island Mljet


Mljet has an amazing nature park and relaxing bays.

Kornati islands


Kornati islands are renowned for its wonderful nature, beaches and bays with crystal clear, warm seas and amazing wildlife.


It’s not easy to pick out just 5 locations, you really need to visit them for yourself. No matter what type of cruise you want or where you want to go, our Croatia Charter programs will give you the very best cruise experience you’re looking for.