Different groups of people look for their own different experience when going on a cruise. What matters for active seniors will be very different to couples with young children.

To explain what is important for different groups of people, please read our e-guide.

We analysed groups who cruise with young children and found that 80% of the time, the groups were the happiest:
1. When their children were enjoying the cruise more than other people in the group.


2. Knowing that their chosen gulet was safe, secure and child-friendly, and that the crew were helpful.

Children friendly boat

3. When their children had plenty of activities and places to choose from.

sweeming with child and pet

4. Having an organized itinerary and cruise, helping the parents to relax and enjoy the cruise knowing the important things are taken care of.


We also asked gulet owners (who are very experienced in cruises with different groups of people) what matters the most to them when cruising:
1. Shorter cruising distances
As well as meaning less use of the motor for gulet owners (and also using less fuel), shorter travel time between desitnations is better for parents. Whilst the adults can take this time to have a nap or relax reading a book, children can only play or watch TV in the gulet salon, which often means parents constantly need to use this time to keep an eye on their little ones!

7 cabins with air condition

A shorter cruising time between destinations means less hassle for the parents, and therefore a more relaxing cruise experience! Your children have more things to do in bays – swimming, snorkelling and water sports are all much more fun than playing computer games in your cabin.

2. Flexible itinerary
A flexible itinerary means that plans can easily be changed if the weather turns bad.


3. Good mixture of beaches, towns and activities
Activities during the day should be fairly active and child-friendly so that your kids can tire themselves out having the time of their lives.
Towns that you visit during the evening should be safe so you can go shopping and take relaxing walks with your children or on your own and leaving your children safe on the gulet to watch TV.

A lot of water-sports activities

Just one perfect example of a brilliant cruise for groups with children:
Day 1 – Port Vranjic or Okrug

Both ports are conveniently close to Split airport, around 30 minutes away by car.
Port Vranjic as a beautiful and interesting aquarium you must try to visit before you leave.

Port Okrug is perfect for your first stay. With amazing beaches and scenery, it’s a perfect first spot for your children to begin their cruise.

Day 2 – Spinut – Nečujam Šolta bay


Šolta is safe, relaxing and has some truly amazing nature to experience. It also has some nice swim spots and places to walk around the town.

Day 3 – Blace & Bol bay


Home to the most famous beach in Croatia, Bol, this bay is quiet, away from the main crowds and is very child-friendly so you and your children will love this little place.

Day 4 – Bol –Žukova Stari Grad bay

Hvar, children's paradise

Žukova bay is very nice for swimming spots during the day, and the town of Starigrad is also quiet and beautiful in the evening.

Day 5 – Stari Grad – Vis Hvar Pakleni isl


Hvar is great for flexibility and has a wide range of trips available – away from the crowds, its secluded bays are relaxing and wonderful to spend a night in.

Day 6 – Vis – Hvar Vis

Island Vis is also amazing. There are daily trips to Blue Cave as well as other interesting sight-seeing spots to explore and activities to take part in. Island Vis also has some of the country’s most beautiful bays and beaches:

There’s always plenty to do and see in Vis.

Day 7 – You choose!

One of many incredible Turkey bays
The last day before departure is a day left open for you and your children to decide what to do – visit that town you really wanted to see, or just simply relax in a bay while the kids swim and snorkel – it’s completely your choice.

Day 8 – Šolta – Trogir (Čivo, Okrug Gornji)

You will leave for departure in the morning. Should you have late flights, you can always visit Omiš and spend the rest of the day at a waterpark.

Important things to note:
Not all gulets are child-friendly. Ensure there is a good salon on board with a television at least to keep your children entertained while cruising between bays and towns.
It is also important that the crew and chefs cater for children, as traditional Croatian cruise food may not be suitable. While the crew are not there to look after your children for you, they will be more than happy to check on them should you wish to spend an evening in a town with just the two of you.

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