The Islands and regions of Croatia leave any keen traveller breathless: from its rich, deep culture and history to its crystal clear waters, there’s bound to be something in a Croatian Cruise for everyone.

But before you sail ahead on your trip, it’s important to first find out what Croatia is all about, which areas are safe to visit and what type of cruise you should book.

1. What are the main areas can I visit?

There are many different areas to visit in Croatia, however the three main areas are Central Dalmatian Islands, the Dubrovnik Region, and the Šibenik & Zader region. All are unique and all have their own attractions and areas of interest.
To find out more about these beautiful regions, and what you can do when visiting, view the slideshare presentation below:

2. Is there an option to eat away from the ship? What type of food is available in Croatia?

There are some fantastic types of food and delicacies in Croatia for any palette. Croatia often serves up the best fresh fish and lamb, and their local wine and olive oil is a must! If you’d like to know more about what type of food is available to you in Croatia, you can do so by visiting In Your Pocket.
One of the great things about any cruise is the available food served on board. Depending on which type of cruise you book, you can either choose full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner), or half board (breakfast and lunch).
Both have their benefits; in full board, you can save money and enjoy food served by the most experienced chefs. If you choose half board, you may spend a little extra money, but you can enjoy local taverns and restaurants and the variety of food Croatia has to offer.

Restaurant in Croatia


3. What about drinks on board?

Croatia is generally very affordable for buying any type of beverage, from soda to alcoholic drinks. However the bad news is that the majority of cruise ships (about 95%) don’t allow drinks to be brought on board. Instead, beverages can be bought at the ships’ bar.
Pricing for the ships’ bar is around the same price as regular bars and you will usually have a tab set up where you simply pay for your drinks at the end of your cruise – the amount can soon creep up on you, so it’s a good idea to keep track of what you order.

Drink on gulet


4. Where does the cruise stop at and what times of the day?

The ship will typically cruise to a new bay each day, and you can decide to step off the gulet or stay on board and relax. The ship will stop at a new bay either in the morning or late afternoon when it is cooler.
You can be as flexible as you wish, depending on your preferences and requirements. It’s important to state what kind of cruise you want to book to ensure you have an itinerary you are happy with.

where to cruise

5. Does a Croatia cruise cater for young children and seniors alike?

Whether you are in a large group or a couple looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday, there is something that everyone will enjoy, depending on what you want out of your cruise. There should be no reason families and young children will not be able to enjoy a cruise in Croatia less than other types of tourists.
For more information, view this comprehensive cruise brochure:

Gulet Cruise Guide

6. Is Croatia safe? What about dangerous creatures in the sea – is it safe to swim?

Croatian is known for its safety – it has generally low crime-areas, and there are always cruise staff on hand to assist you should the need arise (e.g. if you need medical help).
The Adriatic Sea is also very safe and 100% shark-free

No shark


7. What type of clothes is most appropriate to wear in Croatia? Are there any formal dress evenings on the cruise?

Generally, the atmosphere on cruises is quite relax and laid back. Feel free to bring your formal wear if you want to have your own special evening, but there are no set standards for this on board.
Croatia can get very hot during the day time, so typical wear would be shorts, t-shirts and dresses, with light jackets for the evening if it gets slightly cooler.

what to wear on gulet cruise


8. What are food/drink prices like in Croatia?

With any cruise you will need to set a budget – Croatia is not the most expensive of places, however it can be a fairly costly place to visit.
Beer – Price of one beer ranges from €1 to €5, where it is cheaper to buy beer in the supermarket and more expensive to buy beer in clubs and bars. Beverages on board are similar, or sometimes slightly cheaper, than those in local bars.
Ice-cream can cost up to €1.50.
The cost for a meal at a local restaurant is around 10-25 euros, depending on where and what you eat.

Food on gulet


9. What does a typical cruise in Croatia cost?

Cruises suit budgets between 400-2,500 euros per person, per week. This depends on what type of vessel you choose, whether you go full or half board, and other preferences you may have. To view a complete price breakdown, visit our Croatia Cruise page.

10. Can I get deals or offers when booking?

You may be able to get a discounted price or deal if you either book early or book at the last minute.
Early booking is better, as you will be able to choose from a wider selection of the best ships available to you. Last minute deals are good if you get lucky – some last minute bookings offer some amazing deals for fantastic cruises. However you should also be aware that there is a good possibility of cruises being fully booked, meaning you will miss out on a great holiday.
It is also possible to negotiate prices, however Croatia offers around 50 gulets which gives you less flexibility if you are looking for private charter.
Your best option is to contact the experts. Once you provide them with exactly what type of cruise you’re looking for, they will be able to quickly and efficiently provide you with a price to suit your budget.

Best deal


11. When is the best time to visit Croatia?

July and August, being the hottest, most popular months, are generally the best times to visit Croatia depending on what type of cruise you want. These months (high season) are best for swimming and sunbathing. Water temperatures are higher at this time, however this also attracts lots of tourists.
If you prefer quieter months, June and September (mid-season) are a great time to visit Croatia, as it is less busy but temperatures still remain warm.
May and October are in low season, which means less crowds and cooler weather. If outdoor activities such as biking and sightseeing is more to your taste, these months would be the perfect time for you to visit Croatia.

Weather in Croatia


12. Is English spoken on board?

Yes. The crew will always be able to speak English. Some crew members may be fluent in other languages such as Italian or French, however it is best to check this before booking.

13. What type of Cruise ships are available to book?

There are a wide variety of different vessels to book, it really depends on what type of cruise you are looking for.
Sailing and motor yachts are good for sports and do not generally have a crew.
Motor Sailors with a crew are larger vessels that cater for groups between 20-40 people and gulets are the perfect size for smaller groups between 8-16 people.

Gulets in Croatia


…And the most important thing to remember?

Know what you want! Your cruise can be tailored to you, but only if you first know what you’re looking for and what you want out of your holiday.
Goolets can assist you – completey free – in finding the perfect cruise for you. Just get in touch, tell us your preferences and budget and we will offer you the best solution for your cruise in Croatia.

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