Read about each type of cruise options available to you. Whatever your budget, we cover each pricing option, from standard through to deluxe cruises.

There are over 200 motor sailors and 40 gulet ships, so where to start? It really depends on what your budget is and what you want out of your cruise.

Deluxe Cruises

Deluxe cruises spare no expenses. They have the very best crew, equipment, food and entertainment. If you’re looking for a truly luxurious cruise, the deluxe option will be perfect for you.
Price: €1,500 (per person, per week) – €60,000 per week in high season.
Size: 25 – 45 meters in length.
For a detailed description, gallery and private charter information, visit our Deluxe Croatia Charter page.

Deluxe vessels:


Gulet Navilux

Gulet Navilux is the most luxurious gulet, in our honest opinion. Prices start from €50,000 per week.
Gulet Andjeo, Aurum and Kadena are also three of the best luxurious vessels. Prices for these gulets range between €15,000 and €20,000 per week depending on which season you decide to travel in.

Motor sailors

Gulet Luna and gulet Romanca are defined as motor sailors as they accommodate smaller groups (up to 16 people). Prices range between €15,000 and €22,000.
The difference between a motor sailor and a traditional gulet is that motor sailers are usually booked out for private charters.

Gulet Romanca

Luxury Cruises

Luxury cruises are a bit cheaper than deluxe, however they are still very luxurious, similar to 4 star hotels!
Price: €1,000 to €1,500 pp/pw (per person/per week).
Size: 23 – 33 meters in length.
There are also a great range of motor sailors that are available to book for a cabin charter.

Luxury vessels:

Gulet Linda

Gulet Linda

More deluxe than luxury, gulet Linda is one of the best vessels in this category. Prices range from €11,000 to €17,000 per week and accommodates up to 14 people.

Gulet Krila 7


Gulet Krila 7

Krila 7 has received the best feedback from our clients, making it one of the most popular vessels in this category. Prices range from €9,000 to €12,000 per week.

Gulet Andi Star

Gulet Andi Star

This gulet is a little smaller than the previous two, at 5 cabin availability. The crew offer amazing food and service for its size, a truly luxury gulet for the price, which range from €10,000 to €13,500 per week.
For more information on luxury gulets, and other vessels available, please visit our luxury gulet charter page.

Motor sailors

Motor sailors available in this category range from 30 – 35 meters with up to 20 cabins per vessel. Prices for motor sailors range between €900 – €1,600 per person per week.

Standard Cruises

Standard cruises offer the lowest for price, but do not lower expectations. Most vessels in this category have air conditioning, and range from 4 – 20 cabins, allowing you to accommodate small or larger groups on your holiday.
Price: €500 – €1,000 pp/pw.

Standard vessels:

Gulet Gideon

Gulet Gideon

This vessel has been newly renovavted (2014) and boasts 8 cabins with an exceptional crew. The deck size is quite spacious for this type of vessel and can accommodate 8-16 people. Prices range €8,000 – €14,000, with some flexibility in the lower seasons.

Gulet Dolin

Gulet Dolin bay blace brač

This is not your classic gulet-type vessel, however it is manned by a great captain and crewed expectionally well. It has 5 cabins over 25 meters, and is a very good vessel for the price, which range from €5,500 to €7,500 per week, with some flexibility.

Gulet Nostalgija

Gulet Nostalgija

The owner of this vessel speaks 5 different languages! This vessel also has 5 cabins over 25 meters and prices range from €7,000 to €9,500 per week.

Vessel Andi

Gulet Andi

Gulet Andi is a favourite of our clients – they always come home happy and satisfied from their cruise! It holds 6 cabins and is well maintained, one of the few vessels offering cabin charters for a price between €770 to €990 pp/pw.

To view more vessels and information about standard gulets, please visit our standard gulet charter page.

Motor sailors

A+ category vessels come with cabins that have their own toilet, shower and air conditioning. Prices range from €600 to €900 pp/pw.
B category vessels have their own sink, however they have shared showers and toilets. They gold between 8 -16 cabins and prices range from €400 to €650 pp/pw.
We hope this gives you a better overview of what type of charters, vessels and options are available for your budget.
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