This is our personal opinion on all our main three gulet cruise destinations – Croatia, Turkey and Greece. We offer cruises for all three wonderful and breath-taking Mediterranean places and our experience in all three is explained in this blog post. For a more detailed comparison between all three countries we suggest you check out other travel guides such as Lonely Planet or

Cruising in Croatia

Pupnatska Beach

Croatia has an amazing coastline and many unique and interesting towns and islands to visit and explore. You can choose to stay on your gulet or visit a different place everyday – Croatia is abundant in culture, so there is truly something for everyone. It only takes around 3-4 hours to cruise from one port or bay to another, so you are never too far away from your next little piece of heaven.

Croatia’s most popular (and warmest) season runs from the middle of July to the middle of August. Months September and June are also quite warm and the crowds are not as large so these months are best for if you like a quieter cruise with milder weather.

Cruising in Turkey

One of many incredible Turkey bays

Turkey has less towns to visit compared to Croatia’s 1,200 plus islands. However Turkey has the most beautiful bays, crystal clear sea and rich history and culture. Turkey also has the best quality service for the best prices and is well-known for its great hospitality.
The hottest season runs from July to August, however June and September are also good for travel as the weather is cooler and prices are also less during these months. May and October are cooler still, with even lower prices, though towns and bays will be a lot quieter, so bear this in mind when booking if you prefer busier places to visit.

Cruising in Greece

greece bays

Greece has many small islands to visit and several towns and bays to explore. You have a lot of choice for your itinerary where you can choose to stop at many different islands and explore or simply stay at anchor and swim or dive in the amazing warm Mediterranean sea. Gulets are quite limited in Greece, with the options being from deluxe to ultra luxury (meaning booking can be more expensive than Turkey and Croatia). Some people prefer to book Turkish gullets and cruise to Greek islands on this cruise which means you also have the option to visit two different countries and cultures all in one cruise.
Greece’s highest season is also July and August with June and September being the cooler, cheaper months to visit. May and October are also cooler, however with his comes wind and rain so booking during this time is a little risky weather-wise.

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