Goolets agency is specialized in organization and providing Blue Cruise holidays to clients all over the World.

If you are interested in gulet cruises in Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Italy or Maldives we will be glad to help you.


Your Blue Cruise options are as following:

– Cabin charter gulet cruises

– Private charter gulet cruises

– Deluxe gulet cruises

– Tailored cruises 100% according to your wishes.

– Special Last Minute & Early Booking deals.

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Blue Cruises in Turkey, Croatia and Greece


Blue Cruise Tours

We prepared several tours which you can all check on these link:

On this link you can find very well segmented possibilities  of what is available and for what kind of prices.

If you would like to learn more about Blue Cruises I would suggest you to check our galleries.

This way you will learn everything about gulet cruises via pictures.


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By people that LOVE BLUE CRUISES and will do everything you fell in love also.

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