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Different groups of people look for their own different experience when going on a cruise. What matters for active seniors will be very different to couples with young children. To explain what is important for different groups of people, please read our e-guide. We analysed groups who cruise with young children and found that 80% […]

Hotels are a great way to unwind and are usually the easier option when looking to book a relaxing holiday somewhere. But how do hotels compare to gulets? Depending on where you book, hotels can be amazing or they can be terrible – it really depends on location and how the hotel is managed. With […]

What’s the real difference between a gulet and a villa? Apart from the obvious, that one is on land while the other is on sea, we explore the differences in this blog post. Booking Booking a villa is quite straightforward. There are plenty of options available and website such as and offer a […]

Cruising on a large liner can be a truly great experience and many people who cruise this way enjoy their holiday to the fullest. However large cruise liners are not for everyone, and in this post we look at 7 reasons you should choose a gulet cruise over a large cruise liner. 1. More privacy […]

People often prefer to compare gulets to other boats such as sailing yachts. While sailing yachts are cheaper in price, they also sail a lot differently to gulets. For one, gulets are generally longer, so sailing on them is smoother and caters for more people. Cabins are usually fewer on a sailing yacht and often […]

Some people may not understand at all what a gulet cabin has to offer, or even what one looks like. First of all it’s important to know that cabins on a gulet are not the same as hotel rooms. In this post we will tell you everything you need to know about Gulet cabins. First […]

View Croatia at its very best with these best cruise pictures of the beautiful country. For more information on Croatia Cruises, visit our Croatia Cruise page. #10 – Island Šolta #9 – Elaphite Islands #8 – Split Harbor #7 – Island Vis. #6 – Also on Vis island (the other side). One of our top […]

This is our personal opinion on all our main three gulet cruise destinations – Croatia, Turkey and Greece. We offer cruises for all three wonderful and breath-taking Mediterranean places and our experience in all three is explained in this blog post. For a more detailed comparison between all three countries we suggest you check out […]

Each new day brings a completely different place. From beautiful bays to glorious beaches straight from the port. There’s no loud tourists or groups around you, just you and your friends and family in your own private gulet. Gulet cruises compared to sailing yacht / motor yacht Gulets are larger than sailing and motor yachts […]

At Goolets we offer gulet cruises to three main destinations, Turkey, Croatia and Greece. We also offer exclusive Croatian cruise packages that include travel to Montenegro, Italy, the Maldives and the Seychelles, and Spain. Please contact us for more details about our other cruise destinations. Turkey The best places to visit in Turkey are Bodrum, […]