Modul 5: Broker Friendly Videos |

Here Are a Couple of Videos You Can Use – More Coming Soon


Gulet cruises in General                  Croatia Cruise Highlights               Turkey Cruise Highlights
gulet cruise croatia turkey



1) Click on the picture of the video that interests you

2) You will be sent to “google drive” page where you can watch video ON LINE

3) There you have the possibility to “download the video to your computer

4) When you have the video – use it however you want.


Here are some ideas:

a) Put your logo in the video and upload it to your youtube channel

b) Share the video via your social media channels

c) Put the video on your page, your blog or send it via email

d) Or just use the link from “google drive” and share that – it is 100% broker friendly” – no work for you in that case


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