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If you are interested in any of the below options please send email to


What are the Options?


Link Exchange

Let’s Exchange links in a way Google will like it and help each other with positions on internet.

This is not as effective as it was “back in the days” but if executed properly it can still make a difference.

Just email Mitja you are interested in “link exchange” and he will guide you further. It is easy and fast.


Guest blog post exchange 

Do you have a blog? We will be happy to write an article that your clients will find interesting for your page…and you can do the same for our blog.

It does not have to be gulet cruise related – it can be only “TOPIC RELATED”.

If your agency is an expert on “Business – Incentive” for example, we would love to make an interesting interview on this topic on our blog.

This will give you some extra traffic, SEO juice & credibility.

You can return the favor with a link back to this post and with an interesting post about our agency on your site (realated in a way your readers will like it and that you will not lose any clients because of it).

This is one of the best and Google friendly ways to get exposure and show your clients you are an expert on your topic.

For more info send us email on and you will get instructions on how we can do this. It is easy, fast, fun and very useful.


Theme Cruises

If your agency serves to a special market (hikers, bikers, +50 travel, deluxe travel, party people, families, something else…) let us know.

We have the possibility to prepare a program, which can 100% fit to your customers.

We found out this concept is incredibly effective.

All you have to do is what kind of groups/clients you have and what they like, and we make a program that fits your clients 100%.


You have some other ideas?

Wanna buy a gulet? No problem. We can help.

Wanna bring a gulet to your destination for charter? Why not.

Would you like to use gulets for something that they were never used before? We are all ears.

Would you like to make a web page 100% specialized only for gulet cruises – in your language? We can help.

We did this in French and Slovene languages. We could also do the same for your language also, if you are interested in a bit larger investment of your time & money in promotion of this product.

We are always opened to new ideas, suggestions and proposals. Just email us or fill out the form below and let us know what can we do. The crazier & the better :-).


Submit your inquiry, questions, wishes or needs. We will be happy to assist you.