Cruising on a large liner can be a truly great experience and many people who cruise this way enjoy their holiday to the fullest. However large cruise liners are not for everyone, and in this post we look at 7 reasons you should choose a gulet cruise over a large cruise liner.


1. More privacy

There are fewer people on a gulet compared to a liner’s some 3,000! You can literally rent a gulet for your entire group of family or friends, so you can just relax with the people you know rather than thousands of strangers.


2. Completely authentic experience

You can visit hidden places on a gulet and having a local captain and crew on your gulet means you will experience an authentic holiday exploring towns, bays and islands that you wouldn’t visit on a regular cruise liner.

greece bays

3. Sailing from one place to another

There is less sailing time between one place and another on a gulet which means less time on the water and more time exploring the local towns and bays.

gulet Andjeo can sail

4. Your own itinerary

Less people on board means you have the opportunity to have a more flexible itinerary. You can experience your cruise your way, which means you get to have a completely unique holiday no-one else can have.


5. Escape the crowds!

Gulets often visit places that aren’t known to most tourists so you can truly relax and escape the crowds, and at the same time visit areas that few people can!

Pupnatska Beach

6. Food

Food on a gulet will be sourced more locally than on a cruise liner. Also, cooking for thousands of people is far different than cooking for a few, so the food will be fresher and taste amazing.

Food on gulet

7. Gulets are flexible

Because you spend less time sailing you get more time to explore, giving you a lot more freedom and flexibility than a standard cruise liner will.
Above all, gulet cruises are more private and give you a local experience you just won’t get with a large cruise liner. If you’d like to know more about booking a gulet, please click the button below and we will be more than happy to discuss your options with you.

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