Gulets are traditionally wooden vessels with a crew. They cater for between 6-16 people (sometimes more) and spend their time visiting towns, bays and interesting places every day. Sounds like the perfect life!


Gulets are a great way to explore islands in comfort and style. Relax, enjoy outdoor activities or simply enjoy what the islands have to offer – whatever your preference, there will be a gulet cruise perfect for you.
Fact #1 – Gulets are extremely comfortable and relaxing!
Larger than the average sailing yacht and motorboat, gulets range between 20-55 meters, offering comfortable space and a luxurious atmosphere that rivals small cruise liners.




Fact #2 – You have the opportunity to see places that you wouldn’t otherwise on a standard holiday

There are some stunning bays and places that you can only visit by sea, so by staying on land in hotels, you would miss out on great opportunities and attractions.


Gulet cruise destination


Fact #3 – No worries about cooking or safety
Gulet cooks serve up the most delicious dishes and crew are there to keep you safe and make sure you enjoy your cruise with no worry about cleaning or issues about safety.


Food on a gulet

Fact #4 – And on cooking, cruise food is to die for!
What could be more relaxing than swimming in the sea right before dinner is served? Meals served up to three times a day, gulets offer some of the most luxurious foods available – all served by your crew as you just relax and enjoy your holiday.


5 Stars Service


Fact #5 – Visit a different place every day of your cruise!
Gulets stop off at some of Turkey’s most beautiful bays, beaches and towns and each day brings a different experience.



Fact #6 – Stay on board throughout your cruise
There’s no pressure to visit every place if you don’t want to. You can just as easily sit in the sun on deck, swim and relax. Gulet cruises are tailored to you, so whatever you fancy doing on your cruise, you can!


Stay on board of gulet

Fact #7– Choose from hundreds of available options.

Choose from private or cabin charter. Visit Turkey, Croatia or Greece in standard or luxury, and choose from a wide variety of itineraries and activities.

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